Business objectives

Huf Secure Mobile sought a digital platform with multi-tenancy and strong product catalog functionalities to handle the worldwide distribution and management of its Telematics Boxes coupled with secure mobility services via direct sales, retailers and OEM partners. With the complexity of offering these services globally, the solution needed to support the sale and bill of Telematics Boxes and Services centrally but with the flexibility to handle multi-country and multi-currency requirements. Each country-specific business unit and channel to market business partner had to be able to manage its own customer base and control its own business processes.

Secondly, Huf needed a solution that would automate and streamline the high number of manual, data intensive processes in their legacy solution.

Enabling multi-country business operations via a single platform

Huf Secure Mobile chose the Infonova digital business platform due to its unique capabilities to manage complex global sell, order and bill scenarios on one unified multi-tenant business platform. The implementation into Huf Secure Mobile’s business landscape was achieved through a country-by-country, retailer by retailer staged approach, bringing the company’s European operations together.

The Infonova digital business platform functions as a single and central platform to enable Huf Secure Mobile’s multiple country operations – each now as a multi-tenant ecosystem partner – to configure, sell, manage and bill offers combining Telematics Boxes and secure mobility services with own pricing, promotions and charging in local currencies with local taxes.

Infonova takes care of sales, orders and provisioning – including the delivery services of the physical products – as well as the billing of all goods, services and physical delivery. Huf Secure Mobile can now easily onboard new services and devices, making them available for sale throughout their global business.

Streamlining data processing

Soft sims for the Telematics Boxes are supplied by a large Telco operator, as part of a B2B contract with Huf Secure Mobile. Prior to the Infonova implementation, Huf Secure Mobile had to extract large amounts of usage data from the Telco each month, calculate usage charges, and manually combine with other charges including recurring and one offs for billing purposes. With the Infonova digital business platform in place, the end-to-end data collection, rating, charging and billing process is completely automated and integrated with the customer product & service inventory to ensure a single, unified monthly bill.

Having service usage data accessible via one centralized system brings Huf Secure Mobile closer to their customers – allowing then to offer accurate service usage monitoring for increased fleet performance and informed customer recommendations to ensure a modern, digital customer experience.

With BearingPoint//Beyond, Huf Secure Mobile has gained a saleable, future-proof solution that enables the company to get closer to their customers, enter the residential and other mass markets, and further expand their international operations and their business partner ecosystem.

Learn more about Huf

Huf Group is a privately-owned enterprise in the automotive industry located in 15 countries, focused on developing and manufacturing car locking systems. The sub company Huf Secure Mobile – created as a strategic move into the IoT space – develops access and authorization systems that allow for the use of vehicles without a classic car key, combined with telematics and fleet management systems, for full Secure Mobility Service solutions. These solutions are sold to car rental companies, car sharing providers and operators of vehicle fleets. Huf’s Telematics Boxes are operated wholly via an app, meaning there is literally no key required. For example, a company representative arriving on an overseas flight can quickly locate his designated vehicle via GPS and use his mobile app to unlock and start the car. At no point is the user required to wait in line or fill out paperwork, this creating a streamlined and efficient process for the business and customer.

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