Business Objectives

With the rise of digital business and the platform economy, BT sought to increase value for its customers by enabling them to “compete faster” and introduce new digital offerings at speed. BT’s PCMS arrives as an enabler and “short-cut” for organizations, especially those in traditional, established industries, to quickly and at a lower cost (especially when compared to DIY self-build) defend themselves from digital native disruption – or even to become a disruptor themselves.

Building on BT’s established, award winning CMS platform and leveraging BearingPoint//Beyond’s next generation Infonova software, PCMS offers an opportunity to utilize the power of a digital business platform, consumed as-a-service, to enable both digital business optimization (drive efficiency/take out costs) and digital business transformation (new revenue opportunities from new business models).

PCMS: leveraged first by BT, then offered to the market to rapidly build powerful digital ecosystems

BT used PCMS itself first to digitize and launch its own cloud offerings globally, allowing multinational customers to self-serve and purchase services online through one contract, in a country of their choice, and consume those services in any country worldwide. Extending the platform offering to its customers, BT’s PCMS gives businesses the as-a-service capability to compete in the digital platform economy and quickly develop a platform business at a fraction of the time and a fraction of the cost:

  • Onboard and digitize existing products and services
  • Combine products and services across internal Lines of Business (LoBs) and Operating Companies) OpCos
  • Launch new digital services
  • Create new partnering business models, services and solutions
  • Establish new partners and monetize each other’s products and services with ease
  • Combine own products and services with those of external partners to create new products and service offerings
  • Speed up time-to-market
  • Disrupt traditional business models
  • Abstract and orchestrate legacy IT
  • Eliminate self-build and complex, legacy IT issues
  • Substantially reduce risk

PCMS customers utilize established processes and technologies to onboard, package, sell, fulfil and monetize their portfolio of digital products and services via their own platform. Each attached ecosystem partner is also empowered to cross-sell, opening up new revenue opportunities, and achieving a network effect.

PCMS empowers organizations to execute business transformation and new business models with a substantial reduction in risk, with time to market and cost of DIY approaches decreased to a fifth.

A centralized, multi-tenant platform for orchestration and monetization

PCMS leverages the powerful multi-party platform capabilities of BearingPoint//Beyond’s Infonova software to enable an ecosystem of products and services where many organizations can utilize the same platform and operational environment, each with their own use of the platform’s capabilities.

The advanced digital platform capabilities of Infonova empowers BT PCMS customers:

  • Each organization can onboard and digitize their own products and services in a single data model:
    • Identity management, single sign on, product management, customer management, order management, billing and accounts receivable
  • Each customer can manage where they offer their digital services:
    • Supports multiple direct sales, agents and indirect partner channels, each with the appropriate language and currency, pricing and contract terms
  • Organizations define technical and business rules for each digitized offering:
    • These rules are maintained not just in the shopping cart, but within the context of “moves, adds and changes”
    • In legacy platform scenarios these technical and business rules can be lost, resulting in a broken experience for the customer
    • PCMS automatically protects against this and ensures that monetization rules are fully reflected in settlements between partners

Uncovering new business models and revenue opportunities through transitioning into a platform business

Prior to the formal launch of PCMS, the platform was already being used and tested by a number of large organizations in the areas of technology and cloud, print, utilities and smart cities.

PCMS gives ecosystem partners peace of mind that they are backed by BT’s trusted and secure global network, providing unmatched levels of quality, security and service. In the current digital climate PCMS offers an assured way for businesses to operate and compete, with an easier, cost-effective delivery of complex services to a broader range of customers.

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BT’s purpose is to use the power of communications to make a better world. It is one of the world’s leading providers of communications services and solutions, helping customers in 180 countries to embrace the digital age, innovate and work more efficiently. BT combines its global strengths in networking, cloud-based unified collaboration, hybrid cloud services and security with deep expertise and a global delivery model to be a trusted partner for its customers.

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