InfonovaGo is an advanced cloud billing platform designed to help you transition from selling products, to developing deeper and recurring relationships with your customers through Anything-as-a-Service offerings.

Cloud billing for data monetization – InfonovaGo demo

How InfonovaGo can help your business

InfonovaGo cloud billing platform empowers businesses across industries through the monetization of new Anything-as-a-Service offerings and the efficient management of ecosystem business relationships. Its cloud-native architecture and Open APIs enhances its flexibility for simple and fast integrations. With our 123Go method, you can identify, design and launch new XaaS services in just three weeks, to scale in line with your business demands and success.

Find out how InfonovaGo can help your business below.

Business benefits of InfonovaGo

New metrics for monetization – leveraging new information and assigning price to any type of data in any format and from any source (e.g. machines, cars, buildings, sensors, lighting etc.).

Manage your ecosystem business relationships – consolidating all monetizable events and other charges from customer billing and supplier settlement in one system.

Real-time profit visibility – clear view into the balance calculation between cost to revenue of all monetizable events and other charges.

Support any pricing model – InfonovaGo provides the flexibility for modeling new products based on event, time and volume-based usage rating and supporting dynamic allowance.

Scalable platform design that adapts to business growth – InfonovaGo has the capability to scale according to your business demands.

Technical benefits of InfonovaGo:

Low risk – there is no capital investment required for buying the platform,  you only pay for using the platform in line with business success.

Open APIs – designed to rapidly integrate with your existing infrastructure and surrounding business and partner landscapes with extensive, award winning open APIs, enabling a flexible micro-services architecture.

Easy to integrate – minimal integration requirements for your existing IT environment combined with rich APIs used for easy integration with 3rd party cloud solutions; build and scale in line with business demands.

Business model flexibility –  help facilitate innovation and revenue growth by combining flexible business model approaches with your ecosystem community.

InfonovaGo capabilities:

InfonovaGo capabilities billing, charger, integration

Rapidly launch and monetize XaaS business models

GET STARTED with the InfonovaGo cloud billing platform in less than 3 weeks with 123Go

Get started with InfonovaGo cloud billing platform

123Go is an integrated offering combining BearingPoint//Beyond’s InfonovaGo with the industry and business model expertise of BearingPoint to allow you to test and explore the market potential of new, anything-as-a-service pricing models.


  • Generate ideas, test and monetize your XaaS ideas in just 3 weeks with 123Go
  • InfonovaGo cloud billing platform is the low risk and low-cost way to launch new data monetization offerings, for billing and settlement
  • Supports the monetization of any event or any data with any business rules and pricing model (XaaS, outcome based, bundles, etc.) 
  • InfonovaGo consolidates all monetizable events and other charges from customer billing and supplier settlement in one system
  • Designed to start small and scale fast 
  • Utilizes the flexibility of cloud and open APIs for simple and fast integrations

Find out how to start designing and launching the new monetization models of your choice.

BearingPoint has defined a 3-phase process for ensuring that you can speedily launch and monetize innovative XaaS business models to your customers. From design to prototyping you will be ready to commence piloting and to connect to your real data sources for monetization.

InfonovaGo on Salesforce App Exchange - built on SAP logos

InfonovaGo available on:

SAP® App Center
Salesforce AppExchange, the world's leading Enterprise Apps Marketplace
Built on SAP® Cloud Platform SAP Certification

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