Infonova Digital Business Platform is a SaaS digital platform designed to help you drive new revenue by co-inventing and co-innovating within a partner ecosystem. It allows you to easily and dynamically exchange, combine and monetize new ideas and introduce new digital offerings at speed.

What makes Infonova Digital Business Platform different?

Business value

A powerful enabler for digital businesses and a partner ecosystem – supporting multi-sided and cross-industry business models where customers, partners and things play a wider role in re-selling services via multi-tenancy, thus creating network effects.

An innovation platform for new digital offerings – allows sale and support of any product or any service with any business rules and pricing model (XaaS, outcome-based, bundles, etc.).

Connecting and facilitating business interactions – supports multiple business partners on a single platform; with digital business orchestration and monetization capabilities made available to all business partners in the ecosystem.

Cultivates collaboration and innovation – all commercial models between the ecosystem partners are supported, with automated revenue allocation, partner settlement, and multi-party commercial agreements.

Designed to start small and scale fast – enables the partners in the ecosystem to quickly launch, package and monetize digital services.

Provides the agility to quickly respond to market changes – the platform is built with dynamic, modular and adaptable business functions that helps you start with the most pressing business needs, and the flexibility to expand and scale as required.

The enabler for organizations to evolve from efficiency to innovation – complemented by our deep digital platform services including business strategy, technology architecture, planning and integration.

Technical benefits

Cloud-based – seamlessly supports the complexity of multi-partner systems with fully cloud based solutions; deployable on premise, as a cloud-native solution hosted in private/public cloud, or available as a SaaS Business Platform-as-a-Service.

Open APIs – designed to rapidly integrate with your existing infrastructure and surrounding business and partner landscapes with extensive, award winning open APIs, and a flexible micro-services architecture.

Seamless upgrades – separation of core product and integration layer gives the customer the control and flexibility to change and upgrade the platform fast and with minimum risk.

Streamlined business processes – orchestrates streamlined and automated digital business processes across diverse IT systems.

Flexible Implementations – can be implemented as a non-invasive overlay across diverse IT systems; as part of IT consolidation; or as a separate innovation platform.

Infonova Digital Business Platform Demo

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