BearingPoint//Beyond and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are working to enable Communication Services Providers (CSPs) accelerate the creation, selling and monetization of new digital services by allowing the easy bundling of AWS’s offerings with CSPs own assets and third-party solutions, using Infonova cloud-native Digital Business Platform.

This aims to increase CSPs’ ability to capitalize on business opportunities presented by digital, cloud, IoT5G and SDN/NFV, especially in the following business solutions:

  • Integrated Digital Solution:
    • Cloud-native digital platform solution on AWS
    • Providing comprehensive concept-to-cash functionality: Flexible billing & charging, unified bill, single catalog and advanced partner management
  • B2B Enterprise:
    • A simple, efficient and scalable solution allowing CSPs to quickly bundle new B2B offers, leveraging AWS, AWS Marketplace and their assets
  • IoT:
    • A fast track for CSPs who are aiming to advance their IoT solutions by packaging AWS IoT suite with CSPs services and any 3rd party offerings in a seamless way
  • MVNE/O:
    • Reducing risk, time to market and complexity for players who are looking to build an MVNE platform or to launch an MVNO

Using these solutions CSPs will have the ability to:

  • Bring more compelling offerings to their customers in a highly automated way
  • Achieve fast and simple integration with their existing business and IT landscape
  • Sell, fulfil and monetize complex digital services in a frictionless way while serving customers with a unified billing experience
  • Expand their offerings to include wider partner ecosystem and selling multi-party “B2Bx2xx” solutions

The solutions are modular, allowing CSPs to address the most pressing business needs, starting small and scaling incrementally as necessary. 

“Service providers are looking to grow revenue by accelerating adoption of new products, services, and business models. By leveraging AWS IoT services and AWS Marketplace, BearingPoint’s digital business platform will allow CSPs to build and monetize an exciting array of solutions to meet this need.”

Matt Yanchyshyn, Global Technical Lead, AWS Partner Program, Amazon Web Services, Inc.


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