Businesses are looking to adopt advanced technologies (e.g. IoT, 5G, cloud, edge, AI) and solutions that are simple to buy, fast to integrate, easy to consume and are focused on an outcome from a single source.

95% of Enterprises and SMBs rank building a partner ecosystem to deliver solutions that better fit their needs as the most important priority when choosing service providers." 

…leading Service Providers to build marketplaces that bring together technology and vertical players, creating a partner ecosystem that works collaboratively to co-create new innovative solutions for businesses and organizations.

Building a Digital Marketplace

What is a digital marketplace?

A digital marketplace is a form of digital platform, where the owner of the platform is connecting potential buyers and sellers, helping them to buy, sell and bundle services and solutions.

Usually a digital marketplace involves integrating advanced technologies such as cloud, network, IoT, security, data, AI, applications and hardware together, to solve business problems in a new, innovative way eg. smart cities, smart agriculture, smart grid, smart factory, smart x etc.

Digital Platform Digital Marketplace

A digital marketplace provides an effective and efficient way to increase incremental value to business customers and organizations, leveraging an ecosystem to help close capabilities gaps, accelerate innovation, support customers’ growing needs and grow revenue through the network effect. 

Building a Digital Marketplace using Infonova Digital Business Platform

Infonova Digital Business Platform is designed to help service providers launch and operate a digital marketplace faster and simpler. It gives them the unique advantage of running a digital marketplace, where each partner can manage its own products and services and can easily trade with other ecosystem members.

Benefits of Infonova Digital Business Platform

Ecosystem Management Infonova Digital Business Platform

  • Supports multiple business partners on a single platform
  • Allows partners to easily and dynamically exchange, combine and monetize new solutions with new technologies and partners
  • Partners can be quickly onboarded to the platform
  • Supports any pricing model and any multi-party business model (eg. B2B2X)
  • Delivers advanced business orchestration and monetization capabilities – enabled by billing, flexible catalog and comprehensive order and fulfillment functionalities, available to all business partners in the ecosystem
  • Highly secure – customer base and product information is strictly segregated between affiliates and tenants

How to build a digital marketplace

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