Infonova Digital Business Platform is a cloud-native digital platform designed to help you introduce new business models and drive new revenue by experimenting, launching and monetizing new offerings at speed. It enables you to collaborate, co-innovate and co-invent with a partner ecosystem and introduce new solutions that better meet your customers’ needs, while starting small and scaling up with success. 

It is a SaaS solution that leverages the flexibility of the cloud using Open APIs, microservices, and containerized architectures to drive speed, higher efficiency and automation, so you can become more agile in the face of competition.

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What is a digital business platform?

A digital business platform is the technology that underpins a digital platform business model. Managing the commercial relationships inside the business models, a digital business platform allows you to access new revenue streams through the collaboration and co-creation of joint offerings with an ecosystem. 

It is responsible for the E2E selling process of these offerings, including the orchestration and monetization processes. Infonova Digital Business Platform is a modular SaaS solution that enables enterprises to rapidly introduce these offerings, so you can test, launch, sell, fulfil, monetize, and grow.

Infonova Digital Business Platform

How Infonova Digital Business Platform can help you

Infonova Digital Business Platform is helping businesses across industries, from communication service providers, IT providers, automotive and mobility providers and many more, to innovate and grow revenue, fast. Here are the key advantages it offers your business:

An innovation platform for new services and solutions – experiment, launch and monetize new offerings at speed

Reinvent with new business models – Infonova Digital Business Platform supports multiple business partners on a single platform, allowing you to easily and dynamically exchange, combine and monetize new solutions with new technologies and partners (e.g. OTT, TV, 5G or IoT)

The ability to quickly respond to market changes with agility – the platform is built with dynamic, modular and adaptable business functions that helps you start with the most pressing business needs, and the flexibility to expand and scale as required.

Rapid time to market – launch of any product and services with any pricing model in any bundle with any business rules in a matter of days

Maximize business efficiency – sweat existing assets and remove internal silos 

Access a powerful portfolio of supporting services to guarantee success – from business strategy to agile delivery and managed services

Business orchestration and monetization capabilities – enabled by an advanced billing engine, flexible catalog and comprehensive order and fulfillment functionalities, available to all business partners in the ecosystem

Comprehensive order management and service fulfillment functionalities – managing the challenge and complexity of service provisioning, spanning multiple networks (4G, 5G fiber), services (edge, IoT, AR/VR) and partners

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Technical benefits of Infonova Digital Business Platform

With nearly 60% of companies reporting that their IT systems are inadequate to orchestrate and monetize joint offerings, the introduction of a partner ecosystem can seem like an impossible task. The Infonova Digital Business Platform features a well-architected and future-proof technology stack, that overlays to any IT system, making it easy for you to introduce new offerings:

Cloud-native platform – Infonova Digital Business Platform seamlessly supports the complexity of multi-partner systems with fully cloud-based solutions; available as SaaS or on private/public cloud

Rapid deployment and set up – get started utilizing the platform in just weeks, and avoid long, complex implementation programs

An extensive repository of Open APIs – for fast and simple integration with your existing infrastructure and surrounding business and partner landscapes; built on industry standards, our award-winning open APIs, and a flexible micro-services architecture

Cost-efficient and automated business processes – to reduce overall operational costs, revenue leakage, and back office intervention

Low cost and low risk implementation and operations

Modular and flexible – built with dynamic and adaptable business functions designed for security, scalability and high availability

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Mark Thomason, IDC, on new a type of IT – a SaaS-based digital business platform

Omdia Report – partner ecosystem management solutions

CSPs who adopt B2B2X business models will be well positioned to monetize 5G, IoT, smart cities, and Industry 4.0. In this report, Omdia highlights the importance of partner ecosystem management solutions for CSPs to coordinate and orchestrate complex use cases involving multiple partners, suppliers, and industry specialists, and presents Beyond’s Digital Business Platform as a leading solution.

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