We believe 5G can deliver your organization a 20% p.a. increase in B2B revenue

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We covered the business opportunities, the estimated value, and how our Digital Business Platform can help you unlock this untapped growth related to 5G.

And one thing from our research is clear: businesses are looking for help with 5G. Can you provide the strategies, service and capabilities needed to help them take the initiative?

It’s not a mystery where your growth will come from: When asked how CSPs can position themselves as a preferred partners for new IT investments, 95% of businesses said that building solutions with a partner ecosystem that better fits their needs is more important than 5G technology.

Our solution is helping CSPs to orchestrate and monetize their 5G partner ecosystems and marketplaces, at the same time as driving innovation within the organization.

In our report, you will have read:

  • Our assessment of the leading CSPs and how they’re positioned to grow their 5G B2B revenues
  • Six key points that explore the opportunity for your business in detail and the tools you need to achieve higher growth levels
  • Why we believe 5G can deliver your organization a 20% p.a. increase in B2B revenue over the next 5 years

Industries and enterprises are ready to reap the benefits of 5G

Can you deliver the 5G promise? Download the OMDIA report and learn how to take advantage of the opportunities, and drive growth, at your CSP

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