In this video, Aloke Kapur talks about how, in the digital era, organizations are facing the challenge of optimizing existing operating models, however the real opportunity lies with digital business transformation – the introduction of new business models and collaboration with new partners to enable new revenue streams.

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Why a partner ecosystem is key for telecommunications service provider growth

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BearingPoint is a full function management and technology consultancy firm – we’ve been working with clients for many decades on operating and business model reinvention. And through our Beyond subsidiary we have our Infonova Digital Business Platform that enables partnering and partner ecosystems.

I think that the challenge in the digital era for organizations – it breaks into two parts for me – the first is that most organizations on a digital journey are looking at optimizing their existing operating model using digital capabilities. The real opportunity that will come now is digital business transformation, which is new business models and new partnering that will enable new revenue streams.

For me the key steps that organizations need to think about are: what are they strongest at and what are the suitable adjacent services they can add to bundle onto what they already do to create new lines of business, new opportunities that are logically associated with what they do, but still add value to their customers.

The key challenge here is collaboration. The technology itself will be proven and will be introduced, but actually creating the use cases or the business opportunities that will provide the return on investment – this will be the biggest challenge.

Organizations and telcos in particular need to think about what those partnering opportunities are and how collaboration will create that value.

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