Business of all sizes are embarking on digital transformation programs with the hope of harnessing new technologies such as cloud, analytics, AI, IoT, security and 5G to help them grow their business, increase automation and efficiency, improve agility and speed to innovation. Analysts estimate it as a $4 trillion opportunity. CSPs have a unique opportunity to become their preferred partner for this journey by expanding their existing offering to include an ecosystem of partners and technologies.

Our SaaS Infonova Digital Business Platform solution is designed to help you get there fast. It helps to simplify inherited business and operational complexities grouped in four segments:

SaaS, cloud-native Infonova Digital Business Platform solution

I. Boost your go-to-market strategy

Identify new differentiated digital services to grow revenue – using our methodology combined with our technology.

Accelerate speed and frequency of launch of new offerings – introduce new offerings to the market at speed.

Embrace rapid innovation – experiment rapidly with new ideas services, new pricing models and new customer segments through a growing number of iterative, light weight MVPs.

II. Increasing business agility

Business elegance; Operational excellence – sweat your assets by removing internal silos; increase efficiency and reduce operational costs, revenue leakage, and back office intervention.

Automate critical business processes with a single platform overlaid across diverse IT environments and multiple partners using open APIs and microservices integration architecture.

Reduce risk and cost with a SaaS-based solution that allows you to start small with the most pressing business problem and scale up with success.

III. Meeting evolving customer expectations

Bring your organization closer to your customers – give customers complete visibility into their services and support them in a much better way.

Simplify customer engagement spanning the full customer lifecycle – ensuring error free sale from quote to order to revenue.

IV. Harness the power of the ecosystem

Co-innovate and co-invent with a partner ecosystem – easily and dynamically exchange, combine and monetize new ideas and introduce new digital offerings at speed.

Create your own marketplace and grow the number of ecosystem partners supporting your business growth.

Increase your market reach by opening up new go to market channels through a growing network of channel partners.

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