Social, mobile, and soon AR and VR, completely transforms the way that people consume and interact with content. As a result, media and entertainment players are spending more on new exciting and dynamic content and revamping direct to consumer relationships through adoption of online and multi-channel strategies.

However, with a growing number of options available to customers today, differentiation is becoming the key to future growth. The winners will be those who will be able to get better insights on customer preferences and needs to develop an ecosystem of partners who will deliver more tailored and immersive solutions.

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The next few years will continue to be a time of great change in the media and content industry, and this Insight Guide takes you through the key shifts, major factors and emerging trends in this fast-moving sector. With contributions from leading BearingPoint experts, we explore the many opportunities opening up, as well as how BearingPoint//Beyond can help you capitalize on those opportunities.

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We work together with you, linking methodology from BearingPoint’s digital strategy, with the technology of our award winning Infonova platform to quickly identify your needs; translate them into viable offerings; test them in the market; refine; launch and expand with minimum risk and cost. Read more

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