Digitalization is leading automotive players to think differently about their vehicles; they are connecting cars, capturing data and using it to get closer to customers, building mobility solutions and embracing green energy. However disruption is not stopping, it’s only accelerating. Mobility will become ever more digital – private and public, and everything in between. From mass transit to individualistic mobility, from owning to sharing and hybrids of the two; everything is up for grabs. There is a unique opportunity to leap ahead for those who develop new ways to bring together all the elements and partners needed to create an ecosystem that delivers the journeys of the future, not just technologically, but profitably too.

Below, download our latest research detailing how your company can maximize the value of an ecosystem using digital business platforms. The findings from this report have been cited as evidence by Gartner into the importance of business ecosystems and new business models in two reports:
Expanding your business ecosystem
How to set your ecosystem up for success

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Supporting automotive players in monetizing vehicle data

Partnership ecosystems: the driving force behind mobility innovation?

Innovative digital mobility services have called into question the core business assumptions of traditional automotive and transport companies. Namely, their “walled garden” approach to collaboration. To survive, these industries must not only learn to innovate together but also work with the digital disruptors and tech giants stealing market share. Download the report to understand how your company can maximize the value of an ecosystem using digital business platforms.

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