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5G has certainly captured the attention of enterprises at a very early stage of its roll out – many expect the technology to have a transformational impact on the way they do business. But what are the applications they plan to deploy using 5G? Which vertical industries represent the most value for enterprise 5G?

As part of an ongoing effort that looks deeper into the 5G B2B opportunity for CSPs, Beyond by BearingPoint has worked in close collaboration with senior Omdia (previously Ovum) analysts to develop a series of reports that examine industry and enterprise appetite for 5G, where opportunities lie, how CSPs can add more value for 5G enterprise solutions, and what role CSPs will need to play in the ecosystem to succeed.

The first report is focused on an overview of the 5G opportunities, their potential and what is being done so far. According to the analysis, 72.8% of CSPs believe that most of their 5G revenues will come from B2B, B2B2X or government/smart cities initiatives, yet very few CSPs seem to be ready to leverage this to their advantage/capture the opportunity. In fact according to Omdia’s analysis, only 1 in 5 5G enterprise projects until now are being led by CSPs. 

The report uncovers an extensive analysis of all the B2B 5G projects to date, examines who the winners and losers are, and what learnings CSPs can already take from the early days of 5G roll out. It confirms that enterprises certainly need more than just connectivity to solve 5G use-cases, and it sheds light upon relevant applications and key vertical markets, exposing initial success stories and opportunities, and key learnings from the COVID-19 pandemic. Finally, it provides recommendations for CSPs who’d like to step up the value chain and add more value in 5G enterprise solutions.

Download the full report and watch the video below

Industries and enterprises are ready to reap the benefits of 5G

In collaboration with Omdia (previously Ovum), this is the first of a series of reports, delving further into the 5G B2B opportunity for CSPs, and exploring the role in which CSPs will have to play in the ecosystem to succeed.

To learn more, watch Evan Kirchheimer (Research Vice President) and Dario Talmesio (Principal Analyst & Practice Leader, CSPs Europe), from Omdia (previously Ovum), and Michal Harris (Head of Marketing, Beyond by BearingPoint) discussing report highlights.

The 5G enterprise opportunity for communications service providers

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