We’ll be participating again in Digital Transformation World and we invite you to save the date to meet our senior executives and technical experts, either virtually or in person, to discuss new ways to grow your business capitalizing on 5G, IoT and cloud, accelerating innovation and driving efficiency by leveraging digital platform business models.

We’ll share how we’re helping our customers, CSPs like yourselves, to integrate platform business models into their existing business, whether they are focusing on wholesale, B2B, retail, IoT or expanding to new adjacent verticals.

Don’t miss our speakers:

Michal Harris, Head of Global Marketing, Beyond by BearingPoint
Owen Law, Senior Partner Solution Architect, AWS
Lightning Talks: What do enterprises need and expect from their CSP?
Thursday 30 September – 10am-12pm CEST
SMEs account for 99% of businesses. What if you could reach this 99%? Discover more about the “expectations gap” stopping you from seizing the opportunity in this joint session.

Andreas Polz, SVP, Chief Evangelist, Beyond by BearingPoint
Member project 101: Open APIs
Monday 4 October, 3-4pm CEST
They are downloaded more than 10,000 times each month! Find out more about this project, where TM Forum members work to develop Open APIs that enable the open digital ecosystem and provide critical management functionality to digital services.

Andreas Gabriel, CTO, Beyond by BearingPoint
Robert (Bob) Pike, General Manager, Smart Edge Division, Network & Edge Platforms Division, Intel Corporation
Keynote session: Why Edge requires a new approach to your IT
Wednesday 6 October, 10am-12pm CEST
The emergence of edge will accelerate the necessary shift to business outcome-based solutions. What is the role of IT in helping businesses get there faster? And what impact will it have on your IT platforms? Find out more in this joint session.

Andrew Thomson, SVP Digital Enablement, Beyond by BearingPoint
Masterclass: Software marketplaces
Wednesday 6 October, 5-6pm CEST
This masterclass, featuring various speakers, will share details of recent research and analysis and outline strategic options for how the market may develop, helping each organization to develop the right business case and roadmap to achieve business objectives.

Angus Ward, CEO, Beyond by BearingPoint
Dr Ibrahim Gedeon, CTO, Telus
Keynote session: Building ecosystems to realize the B2B and B2B2X opportunity
Wednesday 13 October, 10am-12pm CEST
This joint session explores perspectives on building ecosystems to realize the B2B and B2B2X opportunity, looking at the roles that are available for players, and identifying challenges, opportunities and the unique value that CSPs can deliver in a B2B2X ecosystem.

We’re also participating in three catalyst projects:

Digital Business Marketplace – Phase IV
This catalyst expands the Digital Business Marketplace (DBM) solutions-as-a-service to support new business models and timely, cost-efficient delivery of services in areas such as smart buildings, smart mining, smart data lakes, and digital twins. The DBM approach is also applied to autonomous operations for any solution, device or service.

DBM Phase IV: Smart Mining
This catalyst has identified that DBM can enable a range of new multi-partner sourced technologies to be deployed as secure solutions, such as new ground-based sensors and devices, together with ground-based uplinks to satellite connectivity, geo-surveillance, cloud services and Artificial Intelligence - and leveraging existing services. This solution is required to step-change the monitoring, surveillance, alerts and decision making inputs for management of tailings dams (earth-filled embankment dams used to store toxic waste from mining operations).

Autonomous networks hyperloops – Phase II
Following the COVID-19 pandemic, this catalyst imagines new "disruptive" services that will be completely autonomous, designed for zero-fault operations, with auto-scaling based on customer expectations. The project will examine how AN (autonomous networks) can enable this "new normal" by designing and prototyping new value-generating services for cities, entertainment and industry.

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