Our people and our way of working is what makes us different

Beyond is a fast-growing, independent technology company, providing SaaS-based ecosystem orchestration and digital platform solutions, powering our customers to launch new services at speed, expand their business with partner ecosystems and grow revenue fast.

Ours solutions

Our platforms are designed to help you experiment, monetize and orchestrate services while taking advantage of new technologies such as cloud, IoT, AI, 5G and more. We enable you to co-create solutions with a growing network of partners; bringing you closer to your customers, helping you drive higher efficiency and automation, and becoming more agile in the face of competition.

Our portfolio of ecosystem orchestration and digital platforms includes our Digital Business Platform, Digital Marketplace and SaaS BSS (Business Support System), delivered as SaaS (Software as a-service) and built on our award-winning Infonova software.

Our philosophy

In line with changing market dynamics, we were among the first to identify the need for organizations to transform their business models to adopt digital platforms and increase collaboration with a growing number of ecosystem partners. Shifting the focus from linear value chains and product development, to multi-sided solution selling, enables you to co-create, sell and monetize with partners and ecosystems, providing new ways to grow your business and increase market reach.

Our software development principles combine strategy with technology and unite entrepreneurship with innovative spirit. We offer versatile opportunities working with cutting-edge technologies (Open APIs, microservices and containerized architectures) and world-leading companies (AWS, NTT, IoT.nxt).

Our milestones

As Beyond, we’ve built on the heritage of Infonova, a BSS provider that was founded in 1989 and acquired in 2005 by BearingPoint.

In 2018, we launched Beyond, a stand-alone business under BearingPoint ownership, expanding our portfolio from BSS solutions to cloud-native digital platforms. In November 2021, Beyond completed a management buyout from our parent company, BearingPoint, supported by a small group of professional investors, RGH Capital (Ireland), Abbey International Finance (Ireland), and we now operate as an independent technology company. We will trade as ‘Beyond by BearingPoint’ until the end of Q1 2022.

Our customers

Today Beyond serves customers across the globe – Asia-Pacific – Europe-African and the Americas – spanning different industries from telecommunications, media and entertainment, to IT and technology, financial, and automotive.

We actively work with key industry bodies to remain at the forefront of trends and innovation, and our strategic partnerships with companies like AWS, IoT.nxt and Matrixx ensure optimum flexibility and versatility for our customers’ changing needs.

Beyond is registered in Dublin, Ireland with headquarters in Graz, Austria and regional offices in UK, Ireland, Japan, Australia and USA.

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